Wet Film Thickness Gauge

A range of Precision Gauges for the quality control of Wet Film Paint Thickness Gauges have dual micron and Thou/ Mill scales. Tricomb Stainless Steel Gauges have a wide measurement range with high-resolution measurement, catering for virtually all of the standard wet film measurement requirements. Tricomb Disposable designed for once only use, simply place in the wet paint note the wet paint thickness, allows paint to dry and retain for future record. The Gauge conforms to BS, ISO, DIN, ASTM and SSPC methods of measurement.

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Stainless Steel Wet Film Thickness Gauge

We are among the major manufacturers and exporters of Stainless Steel Wet Film Thickness Gauge. The specifications of the Stainless Steel Wet Film Thickness Gauge are as follows: WFT GAUGES ARE ALSO CUSTOMIZED WITH YOUR OWN LOGO

  • W2001: Range from 25µm to 1500µm 45