Digital Gauges

We are among the foremost Manufacturers and Exporters of Digital Gauges. The Digital Gauges are offered by us in a wide variety which includes Pit Depth Gauge and Wet Film Thickness Gauge. All these Digital Gauges are manufactured using high grade material and latest technology. Digital Gauge can be used with measurement resolution of one micron and precision measurements are possible even at critical locations. Moreover, we offer the Digital Gauges at reasonable price in the market.

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Pit Depth Gauge
The Pit Depth Gauge will allow the peak to valley height of corroded surface or blast cleaned surfaces to be accurately measured. The Pit Depth Gauge is initially set to zero with the glass zero plate and the foot is then placed on the corroded profile. The foot sits on top of the peaks and the sharp stylus travels to the bottom of the

A range of Precision Gauges for the quality control of Wet Film Paint Thickness Gauges have dual micron and Thou/ Mill scales. Tricomb Stainless Steel Gauges have a wide measurement range with high-resolution measurement, catering for virtually all of the standard wet film measurement requirements. Tricomb Disposable designed for once only