Permanent Reference Cell

Permanent Reference Cell

We are proud to present the world class Fontana Permanent Reference Cell. It is a copper-sulphate Permanent Reference Cell, used to measure electrical potentials for corrosion engineers. It is an electrode, recommended for the measurement of electric potentials at test stations, connecting to TR units and has contact points for surveying purpose.


  • Rugged ultraviolet and chemically resistant inert long ceramic tubing
  • Continuous moisture retaining capability with preheated uniform and controlled ceramic porosity
  • Especially liquid gelled mixture surrounding with copper coil reduces electrical resistance and no requirement of moistening and works at even high temperature
  • Excellent shelf life and highest sensing area allows measurements with stability

Applications : Direct burial underground reference cell for underground pipes, tanks, TR units, and metallic structures. Customer can use and fix cable of his choice as per need.

Safety : Material safety data sheet also available on request.

Shipping : Reference cells are shipped quickly based on quantity ordered

Certification : Each cell is provided with batch test certificate.


Dimensions60mm OD x 400mm long (2.36" dia x 16" long) 48 Oz (1350 gms)
Stability< ± 5mv
Temperature -15 to 90o C